about us

Founded in 2017, ESAF provides services to the finance industry and its clients across the world, with a strong focus on emerging markets.

We help financial institutions maximise the positive environmental and social impact of their services.

We also help companies operating in industries or locations with high environmental and social sensitivities, to anticipate and respond to the demands of their financiers.

ESAF has a unique expertise which combines finance and banking with environmental, social, reputational risk management and underlying management systems.

our ambition

Our ambition is to help to grow the overall contribution of the financial sector towards addressing the major environmental challenges we face today.

And to help companies to turn the demands from their financiers into reputational, economic, environmental and social benefits.

We look at commercial relationships between companies and their financiers as strengths and levers that can be used to the benefit of sustainable development, in particular in the emerging markets.

Our team has been formed to connect the dots between financial institutions, their clients & recipient of funds, and the aspirations and pressures that each party may carry when it comes to their environmental and social impact.

What we do

We assist financial institutions with engaging with companies on ESG; environmental and social risk management solutions (from internal systems to outsourced solutions); environmental and social due diligence and monitoring systems; and environmental agency support in syndicated transactions.

We assist companies with managing and implementing financial institutions’ expectations and managing reputational risk associated to their environmental and social impact(s).


We are a network based organisation. Our team of specialists has significant experience of working within large international financial institutions and companies and managing environmental, social and reputational issues.

We are supported by advisors, all senior and respected figures working for financial institutions and large industry players. Their interest is to explore solutions that help the advancement of the environmental and social  agenda within the financial community while building a strong coherence with industry players’ approach to sustainability.

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